This bird honors the boisterous marsh wren. Such a wonderful racket they make singing out raucously among the reeds in the marshy edges of the lake near my home. What better way to honor this delightful bird than to adorn it in images of the marsh itself! A Marsh Wren composed of the marsh! This bird is lovingly sculpted from paper mache, paperclay, and natural elements. The tail is a lovely scrap of old dried sage-wood. The wing lines are sweet little twigs I found. The beak is a stone found in the mountains near my home. I sculpted the legs of sturdy wire, and mounted this proud little bird on nice stick I found. The final decorative layer is tissue paper I hand drew and colored. Glass bead eyes gaze gently. I gave the entire sculpture a protective coating of artist matte varnish. 8" tall, and 10" wide

Marsh Wren