"Birdsong rings out throughout the forest. Stop and listen." "Soft green light filters through the trees." "A walk in the forest restores the soul." "The forest floor is rich with life." "The rich earth feels soft beneath my feet." "Mushrooms emerge up through the soft earth." "An early morning brings peace for rest of day." These are the words written amongst my drawings of ferns and mushrooms on this gentle bird. For 14 years I lived in the Pacific Northwest and took my daily walk in the rich dark forests near my home. This bird honors the beauty and peace of those forests. I sculpted the bird of paper mache and paperclay. The beak is a stone found in the mountains near my home. I sculpted the legs from sturdy wire. The final decorative layer is a lovely ecological plant fiber paper. Glass bead eyes gaze gently. I gave the entire sculpture a protective coating of artist matte varnish. 6" tall, 7" long

A Walk in the Forest


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